Varalakshmi Varalakshmi


Class Rooms

Class rooms are equipped with both wired and wireless Internet and Intranet with state of archi technology.

Environment Friendly Campus

Varalakshmi encourages an environment friendly campus. Use of plastics and other non biodegradable materials in the campus are not allowed. Students are more aware of the environmental hazards and the programs conducted by the college awakens the students to their responsibility for a greener earth.

Teaching Methodology

The seminar like classes consist of interactive debate, open discussion, and intellectual challenges in a friendly and supportive environment.


The Labs at Varalakshmi provides a environment of learning for students. The state of the art laboratories contain equipments and basic medical supplies that simulate the clinical setup and help students learn a variety of skills.


The Library at Varalakshmi has a large collection of literature, spanning diverse subjects and all aspects of healthcare and medicine. The library also has some books that are rarely available in the market. Books are purchased through out the academic year so as to update the list with new publications. The Institute has access to care international e - journals and Online Digital Library through HELINET. We ensure that the resources are relevant and address the concerns of current capricious scenarios.


Varalakshmi provides the Hostel students with all necessary amenities and facilities. The hostel has been designed keeping in mind the students comfort and provide a positive environment for learning as well as a friendly ambience for healthy living. The hostels provide a safe and caring home for students in all stages of their college career.


Varalakshmi maintains its own fleet of vehicles for commuting between hospitals, institutes and other extra curricular activities.


The institute has severe rules against those who are indulge in any anti-social activities including ragging, causing damages to the Institute/Public property, or any other anti social activities are strictly prohibited in the institute.

A high level of discipline, proper conduct and decorum is expected from every student of Varalakshmi. A minimum of 80% of attendance in every subject is mandatory. Students who do not fulfill this condition will not be allowed to appear for their annual examination.


Our faculties are appointed as per INC norms they are well qualified and highly experienced, devoted forwards educating students, specially nursing. Most of them stay either in the campus or nearby, enabling the students to avail their services any time.

We regularly arrange seminars, symposium, and staff development programs and invite the very best professors as part time teachers to deliver their valuable experience & knowledge with the aim of educating the students, who have come from around the world.